Wildlife group appeals against wallaby killings


A group of wildlife lovers has launched an appeal for tips to identify a beaver found dead on a beach.

Key points Wildlife group appeals to identify an Australian wild animal

The beaver, known as a leopard, weighed between 25 and 50 kilograms

This animal, which was found in the Bure River last Wednesday

The body of the leopard, found on the shore of Bure Creek, Victoria, was found next to a large dead and dying sea turtle.

Wildlife group National Park Services (NPWS) sai바카라 사이트d it is appealing for any wildlife that had not been seen for three weeks to come forward, with photos taken by beachgoers.

“On this week alone there were three species of leopard found on public beaches,” the group said on Facebook.

“These are the leopard, the leopard that lived in Bure Creek, and the leopard found on a beach off the coast of Bass Provence.

“Our call goes out to the population to contact us immediately as we know that this animal will be in grave danger, especially if we aren’t here to help,” it said.

A wildlife expert and a beach worker who was at the scene told ABC News the leopard was found dead in a shallow water.

A large, red and white animal with black legs was caught in the surf, and was identified by the man as a leopard, or Panthera leo.

However, the man was told that the animal had previously not been spotted in the Bure Creek area of western Victoria, according to NPWS.

“It does show that the species may be present, but there was a change with one of the species and it’s not the right age to be in the region, and the 김해출장마사지 김해출장샵animals are usually found later in the year,” Mr Roberts said.

“The people who caught the leopard were trying to move it to the mainland.”

The cause of death is not known.

A spokesman for NPWS said it was too early to make a final determination on whether the body was of a leopard.

“It is likely the animal died either as a result of human impact or a secluded안마 event which didn’t lead to a full decomposition,” the spokesman said.

“It’s possible that this animal is simply being washed ashore by waves or another type of animal as the beach is far from the current.”

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