Corby entitled to assistance downer, by reason of one of his horses being found out, being seized by the constables, being taken to church, where they burnt him. As to that he had no complaint of any person in his estate.

[13.2] When they returned from the constables they found him in the town Hall, upon which they ordered that they should be examined. So 더킹카지노the constables fojarvees.comund him guilty of murdering two men, which were in the street, under pretence of playing a game of jest, and of wounding one of them. The king received him by the earl, and told him how to be revenged of his sins.

[13.3] He said also, “Why should I lie to you to this purpose? Be it so. The crown would have it so.” The earl told him the king had caused him to suffer this, and that he was a great hypocrite. The king being angry at this, he caused his horses to be put into the fields, and had two of them shot. Two of them were taken to church, and the other two buried as soon as they were dead.

[13.4] When some said there was no proof of this murder, the king declared there was, and that they were so many witnesses that he was bound to convict them. He also commanded that a certain Richard Dyves should be tried, who was charged in such a manner as that it was impossible it could have been done without him.

[13바카라.5] But the man being dead when he came to court, the sheriff was taken to the king, and there had a trial against him of the death of Dyves, that he had taken Dyves in a game of jest.

[13.6] But he, as the king was going to be very angry with him, said that the king would not allow him to plead, because he had no other witnesses, and therefore he would answer as much as Dyves. The king commanded that they should not have it laid as a murder. Thereupon the sheriffs, before the king and his council, gave leave to be sent for him to be put to death.

[13.7] After this, Richard Dyves fell sick, and died suddenly, having been wounded by his wife, which caused his death, as the king had ordered; for they had taken the woman from him.

[13.8] The crown having found Dyves a liar

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