Actu exposes training scheme rorting of the state under a law adopted by a state assembly in July that prohibits training of officials, which is in line with the government’s intent to reduce corruption

The first minister is keen that he do not lose his job with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) and wants a clean slate to allow him to put the party first, though he will likely be denied. He said on Thursday that he was ‘frustrated’ with the SPD and its inability to implement its promises.

He had alr카지노 사이트eady begun an offensive against senior ministers in the north of Germany, which is a stronghold for the SPD. One of those ministers was German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel, who held talks with Erdoğan’s wife to discuss possible changes in a corruption probe against a business tycoon who is accused of abuse in the past.

Erdoğan’s office has accused him of trying to obstruct the probe, which is examining allegations of corruption involving business owners including his business ally, Omer Celik and the tycoon’s sister, Isinç. The probe involves the purchase of land in the northern region and allegations of corruption and money laundering, and has exposed alleged money laundering by two of E바카라사이트rdoğan’s ministers during his time as prime minister.

Erdoğan said in a video posted on Facebook that Celik had told him in a meeting in Hamburg that Gabriel had’sought money from a certain client’, suggesting the two ministers spoke with each other regularly in the past several months to discuss the case.더킹카지노

The video shows Erdoğan warning Gabriel that he will ‘pay for what you have done’ and said Gabriel’should come with his nose out of your company’.

Erdoğan’s comments came after he said it would be ‘impossible’ to reform the graft system in the country without a clear roadmap from his party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP), which is ruling out an alliance with the centre-left Social Democrats.

Erdoğan accused Germany of becoming a’slaughterhouse’ for Turkish ministers and claimed that the German authorities had failed to stop corrupt payments to his former ruling AKP predecessors.

‘Germany is not a state. The state is the butcher,’ he said.

He also slammed a decision to ban AKP MPs from attending a party congress, in which he was present, saying the ruling party had only moved to restrict the party’s influence at the party’s national congress at the end of September.

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